We unearth your personal style and select elements to feather your nest in beauty, comfort and utility.

Delta Swell is a full-service interior design firm, specializing in window treatments, custom furnishings and fine art consulting.Our special brand of alchemy and space planning bakes invigorating trends with classic forms to ensure the sum is always greater than its parts.

Donna Hadjikhani, principal at Delta Swell, applies her keen eye and intuition to elevate and transform interior design for the Los Angeles lifestyle. A consultant to elite west coast designers, Donna works magic to imbue your surroundings with a style that reflects your personality and nurtures your senses. Combining passion for design trends and a special expertise with color, textures, and textiles, Donna creates spaces that are extensions of your rich inner life.

Donna has traveled the globe, earning her B.A. in Art History and the Visual Arts at Occidental College, an M.A. in Arts Management at the University of Auckland, and certification from The Eiseman Center for Color Information and Training.

A creator of custom window treatments, furnishings, soft goods and upholstery, Donna uses alchemy to manifest visions from her third eye into the physical world. Let her apply her talent and experience to your sacred space.

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You were born with a divine impulse, a purpose. The whole universe is behind you. All magic is yours. No other shall say “Nay.” 🌕 Spend some time with yourself today, on this full moon and last lunar eclipse of 2019. Send your desires out on a wave of pleasure, to benefit all beings everywhere. #witchessabbath #witchesofinstagram #thegreatwork #fullmoon #lunareclipse #magic #pleasureandmagic #purposefulpleasure
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From our Witches’ Sabbath program: these 4 powers guide us in our daily practice of magic. Which of the 4 is most challenging for you currently? #witchessabbath #witchesofinstagram #thegreatwork #sorceryschool #purposefulpleasure #witchplease #magic
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You control your SOUL’S destiny! What experience are you currently creating? Have a great weekend! #thegreatwork #witchesofinstagram #lunalife Check out @nathanplystrangeplanet for more hilariously alien antics.
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Most of us do not have a healthy relationship with pleasure. We either over indulge in it, and then feel guilty, or we deprive ourselves of it, and life becomes stale. Or, if you’re like me, you oscillate between the two. 🦋 Pleasure is a very powerful state that many of us sexualize. We fail to explore the full spectrum and power of pleasure, sensually and sexually. We have been conditioned to believe that pleasure leads to sin, and that we cannot trust ourselves to handle it responsibly. 🦋 What does it mean to handle the power of pleasure responsibly?What does it mean to explore pleasure and unleash its power? 🦋 In our virtual course the Witches’ Sabbath, we are asking participants (men and women) to practice pleasure for 10 minutes every day. To set a timer and explore what pleasure means to them, what it feels like in their bodies, and what comes up for them when they give themselves permission to do so. 🦋 One of my favorite ways to practice pleasure is to wake up slowly and sense the softness of the sheets on my body, the breeze of the fan on my skin, and to luxuriate in feeling lazy before leaving bed. 🦋 What’s one of your favorite ways to practice pleasure? #witchessabbath #pleasure #powerofpleasure #thegreatwork #sexmagic #destiny #sacredmanifestation #purposefulpleasure #witchesofinstagram
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When there is no longer any shame or taboo in sex, all that’s left is the pure pleasure and the Sacred. 🌕 Join us for The Witches’ Sabbath starting July 2nd. 🌕 For more info visit LunaAlchemista.com/witches-sabbath 🌕 #witchessabbath #sorceryschool #sexmagic #purposefulpleasure #witchesofinstagram #sexualforce #releaseshame #fantasy #taboo #knowthyself #loveyourself #alignmentwithsource #sacredsex #fullmoonpractice #fullmoonritual #coven #sexualempowerment
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Imagine if you knew that every desire you had was in alignment with your soul. That you could TRUST that your desires were for your highest good. That you could RELAX into that knowing. That you literally could CREATE a new reality where your desires were manifested in the most surprising and magical ways. ✨ BEYOND your imagination. ✨ Most of us experience a world of inner conflicing needs, desires, and beliefs. On the surface, we think we know what we want. But underneath, things are not so clear. We are such complex beings, with shame and taboo desires competing with our conscius desires. ✨ What if there were room for ALL YOUR DESIRES? A way to bring even the unconscious ones up to the surface, to DELIGHT in them, to GET OFF on them? ✨ To allow your unconscious desires to FEED your conscious ones? ✨ If you want to get really intimate with your reality, in order to pleasurably shift it, let us teach you the Witches’ Sabbath. It is a solo pleasure practice which unites all parts of you - light and dark, conscious and unconscious, vice and virtue. ✨ Through your own erotic pleasure, you explore, refine, and perfect your ability to manifest what you TRULY desire in ways you can’t even begin to imagine. ✨ No worksheets. No conversations. No work. Just pure pleasure.. ✨ We begin in one week, on July 2nd. This is for both men and women, and it’s virtual, so you can particpate from anywhere. Link to more info and registration in our bio. ✨ #sacredmanifestation #witchesofinstagram #pleasure #selfpleasure #thegreatwork #divinefeminine #divinemasculine #summerschool #witchessabbath #desire #oracledeck #magic
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On the next New Moon, July 2nd, we are sharing the Witches’s Sabbath and you can join us Live, virtually. All the information is in the FB event and on our website www.lunaalchemista.com/Witches-Sabbath 🌕 ✨ SCHOLARSHIPS AVAILABLE ✨ 🌑 #witchessabbath #sorceryschool #witchesofinstagram #sexmagic #thegreatwork #summerschool #scholarshipsavailable #purposefulpleasure #sexualalchemy #surrender #surrendertogod #thegreatwork #astraltravel #grassyknoll #god #goddess #broomstick #fullmoon #newmoon #ritual #embodiment #intimacy